The relationship with each other is the heart of Kakurei

With its 300-year history since the foundation in 1717, AOKISHUZO is located in the Shiozawa area where its water is said to have the highest quality in Uonuma. Every year it brews about 2,000-gokus (1 goku = 180.39L) of finest sake only during the wintertime valuing cold sake production. AOKISHUZO is a long-established sake brewery committed to handmade.

Wago (harmonization) is valued the most when brewing sake at AOKISHUZO. It is thought that wago among “producers” including the chief brewer, young brewers and the rice farmers, “sellers” such as liquor shops and restaurants and “drinkers” who love drinking Kakurei, brings forth the finest sake.

What is behind this wago is the “spirit of enduring” and “spirit of cooperation” unique to the people of Niigata. Wago comes into power only when people are considerate of others, which sometimes include sharing patience, encouragement and pleasure.