from Owner

Sake brewing cannot be completed alone.
There are the chief brewer and young brewers devoting great time and effort, farmers growing rice crops carefully and respectfully, liquor shop and restaurant keepers full of passion and thoughtfulness and the habitual Kakurei Drinkers.

We cannot have done it without the “wago” (harmonization) of all of the people above.
It has been almost 300 years since AOKISHUZO has started brewing Kakurei. We highly appreciate all the constant patronage that has helped us continue to brew sake every year for this long without closing even a year.

We will do our utmost to brew good sake to meet your expectations in the years to come. We wish you happiness from the mountainous Uonuma and hope you will be able to continue enjoying great sake.

青木 貴史
The 12th sake brewer of Kakurei
Takafumi Aoki